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Welcome to the Get Jamming Blog Site

Welcome to the Get Jamming Books Blog Site
Here you will find latest information on the Get Jamming Books available in the Apple Book Store, resources, tips and general information related to saxophone playing.
Students of the Get Jamming method are able to request pieces which I will make available for downloading.
Visitors are more than welcome to download the files, but please pass on the word about the Get Jamming books to your friends.
Students, if you are enjoying the book please remember to leave a review in the Apple Book Store.
So enjoy and. ..
Get Jamming!

Reviews and Feedback

Here are a few reviews for the Get Jamming Books from the iTunes Book Store, other forums, and blog posts.

Thank you to all reviewers!

From iTunes

by Jessica-rosensin - Feb 20, 2014

"Brilliant! What a fantastic book! It is very educational and is also a very fun and enjoyable way to learn saxophone. I definitely recommend this book to all saxophone players, especially beginners. Very happy with my purchase."

Excellent! ★★★★★
by Bryce11111111 - Feb 9, 2015

This is a Very well composed book , i love it!

Get Jammin Tenor Sax ★★★★★

by NJames14 - Aug 25, 2015

I'm a beginning saxophone enthusiast and until I came across Get Jammin it was a struggle getting used to reading music. This book simplified the process by providing music notes containing alphabet labels, and also provided play-along and backup tracks. The lesson pieces are simple but far more interesting than Twinkle Twinkle. Get Jammin is a must have for beginners. I rarely write reviews but I was compelled by this title. It really has helped me with reading, timing, and rhythm. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a fun and information aid that will get you jammin in no time. I'm excited to hear how I will sound by the time I complete all the lessons. Many thanks Mr.Bonaccorso.

Gr8 ★★★★★
by Nathan92114370 - Mar 21, 2016
This book is great!! It gives you more than other books, and is great for learning your first few notes!! I really recommend this book!!!!!

From CafeSaxophone

"....I have downloaded your book and I am really liking it at the moment. Saves me from having to keep looking for DVD's that seem to have randomly disappeared. My daughter whom I have recently 'gently encouraged' to pick up the saxophone loves it too!"

From Blogsite posts

Rocco B.

"...I also like the improvisation pieces ..... I have even used it busking"


"I'm enjoying the fact that I can take it anywhere and practice with my headphones"

From Emails

From a happy student:
I have not finished the book but I am thoroughly enjoying each lesson. I'm a beginner and this book is a tremendous help with timing, notes, and everything else. I have several music books and this one is my favorite. I often find myself playing the right notes but the wrong rhythm. The play along is an enormous help.

I like that the letters are written on the notes despite others saying it is not recommended. The explanations are very helpful. I wonder how I'll sound by the time that I reach the end of the book.

I don't often write in but this is an exception.

From Craig M. (4th Jan, 2016):
I downloaded about 5 sample ‘getting started’ books from iTunes but Get Jamming Alto Saxophone for Beginners is by far the best. I haven’t had a great deal of time to practice since Christmas but the book has been an inspiration - even in such a short time I can play most of the low notes; middle C down to low C and today I’m working on the higher notes - C sharp and upwards.

I love the way the books is structured, providing great scaffolding for beginners - the interactive ‘play along’ songs are just right and the pace of the book is perfect for a newbie like me. I would highly recommend beginners not to waste money on other books - Get Jamming Alto Saxophone for Beginners is the first choice!
....another reason why I really like your book, [is] the colour coding on the keys [which] makes it easier to see where to place individual fingers. I find ‘finger diagrams’ difficult and complicated so highlighting the ‘real’ keys helps to differentiate each of the keys from others.

From Twitter

Check out if you are a saxophone teacher. Lots of great resources:

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