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Welcome to the Get Jamming Blog Site

Welcome to the Get Jamming Books Blog Site
Here you will find latest information on the Get Jamming Books available in the Apple Book Store, resources, tips and general information related to saxophone playing.
Students of the Get Jamming method are able to request pieces which I will make available for downloading.
Visitors are more than welcome to download the files, but please pass on the word about the Get Jamming books to your friends.
Students, if you are enjoying the book please remember to leave a review in the Apple Book Store.
So enjoy and. ..
Get Jamming!

Friday, 14 August 2015

Feedback from a Get Jamming student

This was emailed by a happy Get Jamming student.

Thanks for the feedback  !

I have not finished the book but I am thoroughly enjoying each lesson. I'm a beginner and this book is a tremendous help with timing, notes, and everything else. I have several music books and this one is my favorite. I often find myself playing the right notes but the wrong rhythm. The play along is an enormous help.

I like that the letters are written on the notes despite others saying it is not recommended. The explanations are very helpful. I wonder how I'll sound by the time that I reach the end of the book.

I don't often write in but this is an exception.

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