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Welcome to the Get Jamming Blog Site

Welcome to the Get Jamming Books Blog Site
Here you will find latest information on the Get Jamming Books available in the Apple Book Store, resources, tips and general information related to saxophone playing.
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Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Low B and B flat notes

Hi all!
I was asked by a Get Jamming student recently how to play the Low B and B flat notes so I thought I would share the information with you all.
I have included two diagrams below. To play these notes you will need to play the low C combination and then include the appropriate corresponding left pinky note.
Remember to support with the diaphragm and maintain a steady airflow. If the note sounds 'wavy' or is not coming out clearly then there may be a slight air leak. Try pressing a little harder with the pinky to ensure that the pad seals properly. This is often a sign that the instrument may need a service.
If you are playing from Low B to Low B flat, make use of the rollers. Slide the pinky across the rollers rather than lifting it up off the keys.
These are challenging notes for beginners so be persistent and don't be disheartened if they don't respond immediately. Check your embouchure and try not blow 'too hard'.
Have fun!

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